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Lost Connections

Community can be good.
Lost Connections

hello friend

It’s been a week. 7 days. n number of hours. So many seconds. A week. I hope you had a nice week. Mine took the form of mild depression that thankfully only lasted a few days. Still, it took the week from me. I skipped going back on medication for depression after reading a book by Johann Hari called ‘Lost Connections’. It is well worth reading if you ever suffer from depression. The book makes a simple argument. Just like a headache depression is your body experiencing a form of pain and that pain is trying to tell you something. You need to listen to it. So I listened and followed some advice in his book. I joined a community. It didn’t fix me overnight but I was better for doing so.


I first went to Venice in 2012 and loved the city. My wife and I have been back a few times. On our most recent trip around Europe we stopped off there for lunch while waiting for our train. Lunch in Venice just because why not? It’s a beautiful city. Unfortunately due to climate change the city is frequently flooded. This weeks flood was the worst since the 1960s. We experienced it first hand in 2012. It was a bit of a shock to walk into the main square and see it flooded.

I’ve been trying to find some good photo essays on the city. If you know of any please get in touch either by replying to this email or via Twitter / Instagram. While looking around I did find a photo by Martin Parr taken in 2005 which echoed photos I took in 2014.


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