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Dance like everybody is watching.
Purple tinted sky and reflected river with waves lapping against the shore and the city of Liverpool in the distance.

Happy New Year

There’s probably lots of things I could write about what I’ve learned over 2021 and what I plan for 2022. One thing sticks out though. The phrase “Dance like nobodies watching.” Don’t do that. If 2021 taught me anything it’s that I need to dance like everybody is watching. Dance for yourself when you need to and if anyone sees you it is only a problem in their mind, not in yours. If they try and make it a problem in yours well it is still a problem in their mind for them to deal with.


I once saw an old man cabaret style dance across a pelican crossing. He had a stick, a hat, and everything. It was completely out of the blue. He danced across the road. He danced like people were watching because it was a busy 4 lane road. It was amazing.

Every body dance now.


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